My Movie Date Outfit

Last night, I went on a movie date with the girls. And we had a blast. We all tried to dress up to the nines. Our theme was pretty yet casual dresses. Yes, we decided on a theme so none of the girls would feel left out. We all decided on monochromatic colors too, which made choosing a dress way easier than your usual selection.

I decided to wear a cutout long sleeve body-con dress. My dress was green colored and I like how it shapes my curves so very well. It makes the dress look even prettier on me that way. It is indeed a
gorgeous Nordstrom dress.

Sandals are best worn with dresses, and they too have an endless variety just like dresses. There was no specification or categorization for the sandals, each to their own. And so I went with casual chunky fisherman platform sandals. They were black in color, and I think my random footwear selection ended up going quite well with my dress unexpectedly. It’s a new good combination I think I will try more often. I bought them from amazon.

Small handbags have become quite the trend again, raking attention from everywhere. I had to get one too that way, so I brought it, and it looks adorable. A small cross-body bag from Walmart. It is usually sold out and goes unavailable quickly due to high demand. However, another attractive option is from Shein; a Mini Bow Decor Ruched Design Satchel Bag.

To complete my look, I had to have my sunglasses. These black sunglasses are a matching pair with my sandals and go well with my outfit.

This was it from my movie date outfit. See you later, guys.

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