About Me

I Jeanette Andrea, am a passionate digital creator and the princess of my own world. Born and brought up in Taxes, a state in the United States.

I have a very different taste in fashion and style unlike other bloggers, I am more towards recreating and bringing back old-school looks and trends.

Which girl isn’t fond of applying makeup? So am I, but to get a flawless makeup look, flawless skin is also required. But I never gave importance to my skin until one day I realized that the beauty we have been blessed with needs maintenance as well, since then I gained an interest in skincare, and started exploring the skincare line even more.

Being myself, and cherishing the world is my ultimate motto, but suggesting, sharing my views and
becoming one of the top social media an influencer is my goal yet to be achieved.

Stating it clearly here, I do get paid a specific amount of commission per blog or article which I have
mentioned the links of some third-party products and stores through which any of you purchases or
reaches their site.

With warm regards, I am expecting each of you to stay tuned, supporting and enjoying interesting and interactive content on my blogs.