Best Eyelash Growth Serum on Amazon (Does it really work?)

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Jeanett here. Today I am sharing one product that I have been using very consistently in my skincare routine, specifically for my eyelashes to give them a more boosted and voluminous look. Skincare is trendy and your eyes are not just sensitive but also enhance all your facial features making you look dazzling and gorgeous. And just in case you need added motivation, eyes are the gateway to your soul. Get the importance of eye skincare yet? Here’s my most used eyelash serum in my everyday routine:

It’s magic in a tube. It literally made my eyelashes grow by 2mm (from 8mm to 10mm) in just a week! Now that’s some super-fast growth. Here are the results and I’m absolutely in love with them.

The most advantageous benefit of this serum is that it imitates those falsies without even having to glue them on, all the time, naturally. I feel even more beautiful and in awe of my looks even more now. I think I will keep falling more in love with this serum and myself, it is bound to be my absolute new favorite.

In my opinion, this eyelash serum is phenomenal and I would 100% recommend it to all the falsie-loving girlies out there to at least give this a try before you pick up fake lashes again. Worth it!

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