How To Do A Grey And White Theme Living Room?

It’s that time of the year when I do my annual decoration around the house wherever needed. It is not a necessity to redecorate all corners of the house. But I just feel like doing so for my living room. I decided to do so when I came across this fantastic, mind-blowing sofa set I couldn’t resist not buying for my living
room. I also decided to set the theme of my living room accordingly. Having a set color theme helps to uplift your room and your house, and also the kind of feelings that you harbor for your living space.

I brought a vast sectional sofa set, and it was the main star of my living room décor. It was the only furniture item that I wanted to bring the spotlight on. Also, it was adequate for my room. It consisted of ottomans and removable cushions as well. It may be pricey, but it is worth it and modern looking.

Atop the inclusive table with the sofa set, I placed some cute little succulent plants for that added color and decoration. There are four different ones of them, and each one of them is three inches in size; quite miniature they are.

However, for the white wall in my living room behind the sofa set, it was all plain, and I wanted some decoration whilst maintaining my theme. I incorporated wall art paintings. These colors added warmth to the cool color theme. Especially the rose painting was my favorite which added the most colors of the palette in a frame in the most subtle way.

This is it from my living room, grey and white theme based décor. You can easily recreate it and mention it again; all items are from Wayfair.

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