Smart And Casual Look With Denim Jacket And Jeans

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Hello, hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend went well and it was fun meeting my childhood friends. We met after a long time and did many fun things.
They got shifted to Chicago and we met after 5 years. Went for brunch and went with them to church. Then went to a historical museum as she is a lot into historical places and vintage buildings.
I chose to wear all denim with sneakers. I Wore sneakers because I knew I had to walk a lot and comfort is above everything.

All denim is so classy and is a trend all over social media. Found it a bit risky to experiment with a denim look but it turned out cool.
Bought this FLEECED DENIM JACKET and paired it with WIDE LEG JEANS and it went perfectly! Then for the inner option, I went with a white t-shirt. You can style black or any shirt of your choice.
You can style it for everyday wear and is the perfect everyday wear option.

Carried a small shoulder as didn’t want to carry the burden so kept it light and minimal. It had necessary products including a cell phone and wallet.

This was all about my look. Hope you all loved it! Stay updated for more interesting fashion ideas and inspiration.

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